Saturday, October 2, 2010

Everyday Bacon Experiment

I love bacon. It amuses me to no end to think that it is a popular search word, which I learned while participating in Bloggy Boot Camp. On a lark I decided I would create the site Everyday Bacon to see if I could capitalize on the popularity! I haven't really done much since pouncing on the initial idea but have now decided I am going to try out the 31 days to a better blog program on that site! I have a ton of funny, offbeat niche ideas for blogs so I am curious to see if some concentrated effort could produce a site that gets visitors... 

Now all I have to do is retrieve the passwords from when I originally set up the site. Do you ever do that? I swear I have dozens of different sites that I have joined and I have no idea how to get back in... I thought I created a password naming convention that was both secure and easy to remember... typically I am wrong and off, by one letter or keystroke, with the password I think it is... it is really quite annoying.

Anyway, I'm not sure why I am sharing that rant except that I promised to share everything in my process. So Tip number one from m is to figure out a sane way to manage your personal pass codes! After I figure out how to log back into my Everyday Bacon site I am going to start the 31 days to a better blog program. I think it will be interesting to see what results, from nothing, I can produce in 31 days!

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