ABOUT this Blog

Pronounced Funkey in homage to my uncle who pronounced our last name that way, Funke Bliss is the place where I will chronicle my journey to become a professional blogger. What "professional blogger" means to me is that I eventually generate a liveable income from my blogging pursuits. As I begin this journey I have been blogging over on Everyday Bliss for a year and Everyday Mommy for about four months.

In my short blogging career I have come up with dozens of ideas and have become very interested in the idea of making money from my online endeavors. This blog will chronicle my pursuits and I will share exactly what I do, what works, what doesn't and you will be the first to know if I actually make any money. Everyday I, and likely you are, are bombarded with dozens of emails promising internet riches. This blog will chronicle one women's journey to make this a reality.

If I find something that really works please go head and try it too!